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The largest numbers of illnesses and deaths have occurred in tightly packed urban centers such as in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.Last, the number of people that can occupy any public assembly area is controlled by fire safety, not public health regulations. Thus, in a restaurant with table seating, one person can be seated in every 15 square feet, and areas with concentrated use of chairs, such as a bar with a dance floor or a theater, only seven square feet of floor space per person is required.So, did long standing urban planning policies contribute to the spread of this disease?Most governments, including those on the Central Coast are champions of and have specific planning policies in place to create the conditions they are now banning, the packing of large numbers of people into tight spaces.Consider this, distancing is difficult in apartment buildings where tenants use common areas such as hallways, laundry rooms, trash enclosures and open space areas. In public housing projects, it even more pronounced.In extended care facilities, patients mingle to socialize during their waking hours and at mealtime; now they are locked away in their rooms like prisoners to avoid spreading any disease.When the current situation has been brought under control to the government satisfaction, it might be prudent to examine the polices that demand increased density in view of the many communicable diseases that exist in our society.As we have learned, these diseases spread quickly; the annual cold and flu season is an excellent example of diseases that spread wholesale nfl jerseys from china quickly and cause thousands of deaths annually.The movers and shakers of government should consider the causes of disease spread as it relates to urban planning policies and building design; is there a better way?Ron Fink, a Lompoc resident since 1975, is retired from the aerospace industry and has been active with Lompoc municipal government commissions and committees since 1992, including 12 years on the Lompoc Planning Commission.

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