The employer survey lumps people in these fields

The continued closure of schools, colleges and day care centers is also seriously depressing employment. The employer survey lumps people in these fields into four categories (educational services, child day care services, state government education and local government education), and the number of workers in these fields remains nearly 1 million lower than it was a year ago. These people won’t be coming back to work until the nation’s schools and day care centers are open and running at full capacity.

In the four months that followed, Mackey had a difficult time getting answers. She works as a flight attendant and said the legacy fund money would be helpful. Both the NFLPA and the league office kept saying they were working to right a wrong, and Commissioner Roger Goodell personally called her to discuss the matter..

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Secondly, demographic groups don’t actually shift en masse. In this analysis, if you change Latinx voters to become five points more Republican nationwide, that shift is applied equally to Latinx voters in every state. Cuban Americans in Florida are a more conservative voting bloc than Mexican Americans in Texas.

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