I serve as Associate Director of the Spine Surgery

“The first thing they said when we came into the locker room (at halftime) and I went off on them was ‘Hey, coach, we got you. We’re gonna win this game’, and they did exactly that,” said Tucker. “Was it ugly? Yeah, but I told them from the jump that Tyner was going to try to make it ugly, and they did a good job of playing that zone defense against us.

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This should be another interesting year in the metro, with all eight teams having legitimate cases to make the playoffs. The Capitals will stay in the driver’s seat, bringing back a roster that has dominated this division the past few seasons. After catching lightning in a bottle last year, the Hurricanes will find a way to recapture the magic and roll to second in the division.

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When the Leafs gathered at Scotiabank Arena on April 25 to say their goodbyes, general manager Kyle Dubas figured that scars and scar tissue from experiences like this, I think that directly impacts them in terms of their mentality We seeing steps. I wish there was a switch we could flip to naturally get there, but it only going to come through experience. It does, it will be with a coaching change along the way after Sheldon Keefe replaced Mike Babcock last Nov.

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