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Now it reiterated hold with a revised target of Rs 188 (Rs 202 previously).”Current quarter performance of the company reflects the same along with subdued commentary. The company is well placed on the liability franchise; however, we remain cautious on asset quality trends,” it said.The brokerage cut its estimates by 6.7/2.3 percent for FY21/22 and have introduced FY23 to estimates.MMFS reported around 21 percent YoY (around 27.5 percent QoQ) decline in disbursements across segments, resulting in weak AUM growth of around 15 percent YoY.”The trend is likely to deteriorate further with stricter lockdown during Q1FY21. We expect AUM decline to remain further steeper now due to shorter tenure asset maturity cycle of the company,” said Emkay.Motilal Oswal has also baked in a 40 percent drop in disbursements in FY21 as first half of FY21 is likely to see a plunge (60 70 percent), but expects healthy, but gradual recovery from second half of FY21.”With a higher share (75 percent) of moratorium availed and collections issues, repayment rates are likely to be lower and thus support AUM,” said the cheap jerseys brokerage which has a buy rating on the stock with a target of Rs 200 per share..

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